HR Solutions

Managing your workforce efficiently and effectively can be a major challenge for organisations. However, with the right tools in your arsenal, you can optimise your methods and processes to solve the key issues in your employee management system.

In the modern world of enterprise, your staff are a key asset in achieving strategic outcomes. Without a team of strong workers aligned to a common purpose, a company can find itself outpaced by competitors and under-performing in its chosen market. However, through tapping into the potential of your staff and offering them the required support to complete tasks to a high standard, you can reap the benefits of engagement and productivity.

To help you make the most of a valuable asset, we provide both HR software products and consulting services to support your vision as a business.


As a leading innovator in the HR technology space, we constantly work to provide new solutions to a wider group of businesses in the Asia Pacific region . From humble beginnings with a single platform, we have evolved our offering to a range of different software packages that can serve a full range of HR purposes.

Whether you want to monitor productivity with a particular department, ensure employees are paid on time or even develop a leadership program for senior management, we have a product to suit your unique needs. Our programs can be customised beyond the core HR function with six optional modules: recruitment, training, OHS, talent, performance and remuneration.

Click the titles below to find out which solution is a best fit for your company

  • Cirrus: Perfect for smaller businesses, this software utilises our core HR module to deliver effective workplace solutions
  • Enterprise: This HR intelligence system can help companies develop more employee centric processes
  • Enterprise +: A powerful program suited for large firms with 500 employees or more, which includes all modules for maximum effectiveness


The expert advice we can provide fall under two categories:

  • Business Case and Solutions: With the help of our knowledge business consultants, you can build a strong case to ensure a human capital solution will meet approval in your workplace
  • Consulting: Our experts analyse your IT architecture and provide advice regarding the scope and potential weaknesses in the current set-up. No matter what stage of technology adaptation a business is in, we can implement a system to best fit your strategic goals

While we take pride in the effectiveness of our pre-packaged offering, we can arrange a bespoke solution. To arrange a unique package, get in touch with our team and we can build a custom platform for your business needs.