Recruiting quality employees for your organisation is a very costly business. It's nothing compared to the potential costs of not hiring in a timely manner, though, or hiring the wrong person. So, whether you outsource your recruiting process or manage the system in-house, it is crucial that you are able to keep up with the entire process. From identifying the vacancies to smoothing the new hire process for selected candidates, HRpro's Recruitment Module allows you to remain aware of all aspects of the job placement process regardless of how much (or how little) “hands on” control of the process you maintain.

Whether it is just the simple input of new hires into the system, or a full recruiter-based Recruitment Desktop and external web hosting, we are ready to help you work smarter in this process. And, our workflow based new-hire processing means that all necessary staff are automatically informed of new hires. It's just another way we are streamlining the process for you, by handling the details that you might otherwise have to maintain on your own.

Enterprise can help you better manage your open positions, recruitment efforts (including help wanted advertising), applicant tracking and communication, and your pre-employment and new hire process. And, although these processes can turn into an administrative nightmare without the proper help, our system of methodically tracking and producing appropriate reports can help you manage it all with less time invested and overall faster processing and better results.

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  • Recruitment requests
  • Manage external vendors
  • Manage external advertising
  • Induction program
  • Online Applications
  • Workflow & event management
  • Applicant tracking
  • Skill searching
  • Employee referral
  • Resume/referee management
  • Link to external recruitment/corporate websites
  • Online assessment
  • Applicants availability for interviews
  • Letter of offer/rejection
  • Best practice
  • More management time
  • Vacancies filled quicker
  • Less paperwork
  • Workforce innovation
  • Improved productivity
  • Engaged workforce
  • Improved profitability