Manager Self-Service

EmployeeConnect helps your managers to manage effectively, with real time access to staff and performance management information. Our solutions lift the burden of cumbersome record keeping by maintaining information in an easily accessible system. The manager login allows your managers to view individual employee information, run reports and make entries as appropriate. Employee details, leave information, payroll data and more are available at the click of a mouse. Faster action and more informed decision-making is easily accomplished when the following details (and more) are at your managers' disposal:

  • Leave Management
    • Leave accrual
    • Employee leave history & balances
    • Leave Gannt chart
    • Sick leave statistics
    • Excessive leave balances
  • Employee Details
  • Timesheets by employee
  • Employee payroll details
  • Resignation / termination
  • Headcount reports
  • Performance plans & reviews
  • Training enrolment
  • Turnover reports
  • Skills map
  • Remuneration details

When you let our proven systems handle these details for you, operations are smoother and manager resources are freed to handle the other aspects of their jobs.

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